Did Victoria Beckham attend the Royal wedding?

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I really adore the Beckham couple and I want to know whether Victoria Beckham was invited to the royal wedding and did she attend it? Was David with him? I want to know more about it, so can someone share some information about it? I will be thankful

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    Yes Victoria Beckham attended the Royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton with her husband David Beckham. They were among the A-list guests of the event. They also shared their views with the media about the historic day.

    The 35 year old soccer star shared his views about the event by saying, “Today's ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt,” Where as his 37 year old pregnant designer wife voiced her views saying, “Catherine looked wonderfully elegant and we were honored to be part of such a special, historical day for our country."

    Prior to the wedding, David expressed his excitement and feelings about the wedding in a facebook video message saying, “"It really is amazing. Our country needs it. Our country wants it. The British public loves the royal family," he said. "I was brought up around the royal family and around loving the royal family with my granddad, with my Nan."

    The Beckhams, who tied the knot in 1999, hope nothing but the best for the royal newlyweds, who will continue their wedding-day celebration with a reception at Buckingham Palace.

    "We wish Catherine and William much love and happiness for the future," the couple said. 

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