Disappearnce of Zulqarnain and its impact on Pakistan in World Cup

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What was the impact of Disappearnace of Zulqarnain Haider on Pakistan Cricket?

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    After putting up some good performances against Australia and England in the test series, Pakistan team was looking good in terms of having some good combinations both in batting and bowling departments. Inspite of the absence of their key players Muhammad Amir, Muhammad Asif and Salman Butt, who were under suspension by the Indian dominated ICC, Pakistan was able to put up a reasonable performance against England in the series. Although they couldn’t end up winning the series, but somehow did quite well considering the mental turmoil the team went through as a result of Spot Fixing Scandal. The Pakistan team was next to play South Africa in their so called home grounds, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The test series ended up in a draw with Pakistan surviving against some aggressive South African bowling. In the One Day series, Pakistan went on to equalize after going down 2-0 at one stage and bouncing back strongly chasing some big totals. The two successive victories featured some good batting displays by Abdul Razzaq and Zulqarnain Haider. The decider of the One Day Series still had to be played with both South Africa and Pakistan won two matches each. Here the Pakistan cricket came across another nerve wrecking incident which perhaps shook up the all Pakistani Cricket fans. The Pakistani wicket-keeper and the hero of the fourth One Day against South Africa, who won the fourth match out of the blue for Pakistan-Zulqarnain Haider-, gave the Pakistan Cricket Team the biggest shock of their life. On the morning when the fifth One Day against South Africa to be played, he fled to England, announced sudden retirement and declared that his life is in danger playing for Pakistan. He is still in England and still remains a question mark for the whole Pakistan

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