Display light is very very dim. How do I replace or repair?

by Guest2238  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Display light is very very dim.  How do I replace or repair?

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  1. Guest6746

    Interesting.  I had a lifestyle 25 with a dead display with cd reading intermittently.  Took the top of the unit - pretty simple unit with boards that are modular.  Looking at from the front behind the display, the one lying on a slope seems to be the main board and the one that plugs into that on the left is the power board. The power board is easily detached from the main board by just pulling it apart at the plugs (2) and makes working on it a breeze.  Put my ESR meter on the electrolytics and 3 of the 5 100uF caps had high reading (bad) and one was open circuit.  One of the 470 uF caps was also high resistance.  The long and short of it is that I changed all the electolytics on the power board and have a fully functional console again with a working CD player - think the laser mechanism was not getting the right voltage and nor was the LED display.  Hope this helps. 

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