Do Rastafarian believe in marriage

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Do Rastafarian believe in marriage - i heard Rastafarian people who are mainly from Jamaica do not believe in marriage but do believe in having as many children as possible. This stands true with few Rastafarians i know; they all have lots of children from different female partners.  

i know i'm generalizing the entire Rastafarian religion but i would like to find out if i am right. My best friend is now involved with a long dread Rastafarian and she believes he is actually going to marry her.

so the question is: Do Rastafarian believe in marriage and is marriage allowed in Rastafarian religion?

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  1. Guest8714
    No, they do not.

  2. Guest4016
    It depends on the Rasta.
  3. Guest7649
  4. Guest4314
    Rastafarians believe in the unity and marriage between soul mates...true ying and yang. It is not based on the eurocentric beleive or concept of marriage which forges, excuse me, FORCES an agreement between man and state/woman and state. As the so called marriage license has nothing to do with the vow between man and woman. The vow of marriage is between man, woman, and God and has no need for the paper filed with the state.Marriage can be declared, notarized and filed on public record without State intervention. As for the many kids with many women...that's another lesson that I'll save for another day. Do not persecute the fathers of many is all cosmic.
  5. Guest8208
    Rastafarians do not beleive in the concept of marrage but instead beleive in the natural comming togetehr of the peenis and the v****a. Their condoms are made from the herbs of marijuana and skin of an oxe. The dreads are not only on their head but also in their pubic areas. Sometimes Rastas before inserting the peenis they insert a blunt into the v****a so the v****a is purified.
  6. Guest5674
    Well, we do believe in marriage, we just dont feel its necessary. As far as the guy your friend is dating, if he loves her, he will marry her, if he does not love her, then he wont marry her. Its just like being with any other man.
  7. Guest9717

    ^^^^^ well tht doesnt sound right at all -__-

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