Do You Think He Likes Me ?

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Do You Think He Likes Me ?

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  1. Guest2709

    So iWas Wonderinq If He Likess Me . . When iSee Him Both Of Us Sparkle Up & WhenEver Someone Says My Name He Blushes . Whenever We Huq Its Super Lonq & Everyone Always Says It Seems Like He Likes Me & He Already Knows That iLike Him Also Hes Always Goinnq Where iGo . Ex : iWalkk To The Bleachers He Does . Buh This Was Our Recent Convos

    Me : iMiss Yuu : ( Especially Yourr Hugs < 3

    Him; :)))

    Me: Yayy Yu Repliedd ( : Lol iDidnt Think Yuu Were Gqoinqq To ,

    Him:lol ;d

    Me :Whatt Kind Of Facee Is Thiss Dearr ? Lol ( ; Uuhhmm So Hows School ?

    Him: haha :D

    Me: ? Yourr So Borinq On Here ; ) Itss Cool Thoe Lol & iWunnuh Hanq Out Withh Yu ( :

    Him:lol wen

    Me: Youu Tell Me ?( :


    Me:Are Yu Gqoinq Friday ?

    Him: no


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