Do banks stay open on black Friday?

by Guest3032  |  11 years ago

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I have been wondering if anybody could please tell me whether banks stay open on black Friday or they also avail holiday on that very day. The thing is that usually people may need money to enjoy while being on holidays and it is a fact that most of the people use to deposit their money in banks. I have interacted with lots of people to get to know the exact information about the banks. I gathered lots of responses from different friends, colleagues and associates upon this question, but nobody could give me authentic answers. I just want to confirm if you have any idea that banks will remain open or not on black Friday. Thanks.

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  1. Guest6890

    Well, almost all the banks stay open on black Friday. When it comes to the black Friday, it is one among the busiest ever shopping days each year. Secondly, the banks are just permitted to close for max 72 hrs – 3 days. As the banks stay closed on thanksgiving, so they are to open on black Friday just to meet the guidelines provided to them by the federal for providing people with their money they have deposited in their respective banks. Because of a large number of people enjoying long holidays, the lines at the banks are generally shorter than the normal Fridays. In short, the answer to your question is yes, all the banks remain open on black Friday to facilitate your needs. I hope that this answer will never disappoint you.


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