Do british boys like mixed girls?

by Guest76081  |  9 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I know this questions seems ignorant but, I would like to know! My neighbor is british and he is super cute! Hes always checking me out and talking to me! i JUST WANT to know if british boys like mixed girls! Like in your opinion do you think so?

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  1. Victor Strong

    To be completely honest it is very difficult to simply say that boys from a particular country, especially one as diverse as England all have the same taste in girls. There is no doubt that many men from the UK will like girls that are of mixed ethnicities as many of these girls seem to inheret the best qualities and features from their various backgrounds. 

    If you are atractive, regardless of your background and he seems interested in you, chances are he likes you - mixed or otherwise.

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