Do girls like putting their vaginas in guys asses?

by Guest3577  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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yes they do because when a girl puts her v****a in the guys a*s, He starts feeling comfortable

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  1. amomipais82
    Women have goofy names for their vaginas because they’re embarrassed to have them. They’re are embarrassed to have them, they’re embarrassed to use them, and in this case, they’re embarrassed to talk about them. The v****a Monologues is proof of that.

    Men don’t need lame promotional circuits and back-patting over S****y poetry to talk about our c***s. We don’t need to wrap c**k-talk in a protective layer of “art” just to do it. At most, we need five seconds of silence and a glance over our shoulder to make sure no women are around.

    And so what? Take a look around. Everything on Earth that serves a purpose is shaped like a p***s. Screwdrivers, jackhammers, the remote control to your television, pistols, plumbing, pencils, doorknobs; it’s no wonder they’re easy to talk about. The only thing that resembles a v****a is a wallet: something you mindlessly stick money in just because it’s going along for the ride. That’s embarrassing.
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