Do restaurants in Vienna offer healthy spicy food?

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Whenever I eat spicy food, I have burning in stomach. Any ideas if spicy food in Vienna is healthy or not. Can someone help me with this?

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    Vienna is well famous for Wiener Schnitzel, a cutlet of veal that is hit flat, covered in wheat flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and cooked by cooking in oil in clarified butter. It is obtainable in virtually every eatery that serves Viennese cuisine. Otherinstances of Viennese cuisine include Tafelspitz (very lithe cooked by boiling beef), which is customarily performed with Geröstete Erdäpfel (boiled potatoes mashed with a split and subsequently fried) and horseradish sauce, Apfelkren (acombination of horseradish, pick and apple) and Schnittlauchsauce (a chives gravy made with mayonnaise and aged bread)

    Vienna has a long custom of making the finest baked cakes and desserts. These include Apfelstrudel(hot apple cropstrudel), Palatschinken (sweet pancakes), and Knödel (dumplings) often topped up with crop for example apricots (Marillenknödel). Sachertorte, a dry sweets baked cake with apricot jam conceived by theSacher Hotel, is world famous.

    Sausages are admired and obtainable from boulevard vendors (Würstelstand) right through the day and into the night. The sausage famous as Wiener (German for Viennese) in the US and Germany is, even so, called Frankfurter. Other admired sausages are Burenwurst (a coarse beef and pork sausage, broadly chatting boiled), Käsekrainer (spicy pork with tiny chunks of cheese), and Bratwurst (a white pork sausage). Most can be ranked "mit Brot" (with bread) or as a "hot dog" (stuffed indoors a long roll). Mustard is the conventional condiment and commonly proposed in two varieties: "süß" (sweet) or "scharf" (spicy).

    I do not think from a country which is so much famous for his culture in food and healthy meals can have bad food serving restaurants. It is all because of your stomach may be your stomach cannot accept the spicy food so you avoid it in future.


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