Do tall girls make good lovers

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Do tall girls make good lovers

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  1. Victor Strong

     I gotta be honest with you, I'm on this site quite a lot and this question stuck out to me. I decided to figure out a legitimate answer for you and located a local volleyball tournament at the University level. I don't know if you've seen hardcore volleyball chicks before, but most of them are easily over 5'8" and a couple were easily 6 feet. 

    I dunno how tall you are or if you are just a chick that is tall and wants to put it on your resume. Anyways I was able to run some game on a girl named Nancy. She was one of the taller chicks and I think that actually worked in my favour. 

    A lot of guys are intimidated by tall chicks. A lot of chicks mature earlier than dudes, meaning Nancy was probably a foot taller than a lot of dudes when she was like 11. That must have done some damage to her dating game back then as her dudes would have had to look way up at her. I think that made her want to prove herself more because honestly, she was going at it like her team championship depended on it.

    Based on Nancy I have to say that they do make good lovers. Long legs are awesome and that subconcious potential lack of confidence can be a big swing in your favour.

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