Do we get the clear picture of World Cup 2011 quarter final probables

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After Bangladesh lost to South Africa in the World Cup 2011 group match, are we having a clear picture of the teams in the quarter final?

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  1. Guest1584
    After the exit of Bangladesh from the World Cup 2011, it is very easy now to reckon about the probables of the quarter finals. The only question will be that which team of one group will be up against which team of the other group. If Pakistan wins against Australia, they might come across West Indies in the quarter final which should not be very much worrying for Pakistan.

  2. Guest131

     No more worries for Pakistan they will blaze out the teams this year in for the cup and will be the one.

    Pakistan cricket is based generally on the prayers which each and every Pakistani render for the success of their team.

    At group level Pakistan were at the top of the table.
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