Do you believe in black dating

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Do you believe in black dating

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  1. Victor Strong

     This a question of someone's personal preference, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however I hope that everyone shares a view that is along the same lines as mine. I believe fully that 'black dating' as you call it, representing a non-black person dating a black person is absolutely legitimate and should be as common as needed. 

    I am of the personal belief that everyone has a right person for them, and that person may not be of the same culture, race or religion as you. Having an open mind and understanding that a person should be judged on their actions and words rather than their skin colour and heritage will go a long way in making our world a better place. Obviously, I know that prejudice does exist and some will not feel the same as I do, however dating anyone, black, white, blue or purple should be based on how you feel for each other and not how others feel about you doing it. 

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