Do you think Usain Bolt can run under 9.5 seconds?

by Brad Isaac  |  6 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Do you think Usain Bolt can run under 9.5 seconds?

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  1. Jasdev Grewal

     If anyone has the opportunity to run under 9.5 seconds in the 100 metres its Usain Bolt. Even though I think he has the capabilities I believe there are a few factors that have to come into play for it to be a reality. First and most importantly Bolt has to be 100% healthy and should not be suffering from fatigue. Also, he must be running very well leading up to it as well to help him psychologically. He’s known as much for his slow starts as he is for his strong finish and will need to improve on his reaction time and start. There will also need to be great weather condition. I believe he will also need someone such as Yohan Blake to run below 9.65 seconds in order to push Bolt to his limit. 

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