Documents Required for Renewal of Singapore Passport

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What are the documents required for renewal of Singapore Passport. Any help please?

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  1. Guest5813
    Documents which are required for Renewal of Singapore Passport are one recent passport-sized colour photograph of the applicant meeting the following specifications:
    Sharp and clear, 35 mm wide by 45 mm high without border and taken within the last 3 months. Taken full face with you looking directly at the camera with head straight, eyes open with no hair across and/or covering the eyes. Both edges of your face, and the top of the shoulders must be clearly seen
    Taken with the image of your face measuring between 25 mm and 35 mm from chin to crown of head
    Taken without wearing any hat or other head covering, unless you habitually wear a hat or head covering in accordance with your religious or racial custom. If any such hat or other head covering is worn, the photograph must still be a full frontal view of your head and shoulders, showing your facial features in entirety with eyes open and clearly visible
    If you wear glasses, the photograph must show your eyes clearly with no flash reflection off the glasses. The frame shall not cover any part of your eyes. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not allowed
    Taken with uniform lighting with no flash reflection or shadow, no uneven bright spots on the face and no red eyes
    Taken against a white background. However if your hair, hat or head covering is white, the background must be light grey
    Ensure that only you are photographed with no chair, toys or other persons visible in the photograph
    Be printed on high quality paper at high resolution with a matt or semi-matt finish with no ink marks or creases.

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