Does Manny Pacquiao needs Floyd Mayweather to cement his legacy

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Does Manny Pacquiao needs Floyd Mayweather to cement his legacy? Here is a thought from one of the top boxing fans who knows what he is talking about.  Manny Pacquiao has cemented his legacy already. He does not need Floyd Mayweather to do it. Mayweather, on the other hand, has proven nothing. He arrogantly compares himself to Robinson and Leonard but he shamelessly avoided Miguel Cotto while both were top welterweights.

Coming from flyweight (106), Pacquiao has nothing to prove. Having avoided top welterweights, Mayweather has much to prove. His undefeated record is meaningless because, in his case, "Undefeated" means "Untested".

I try to give Floyd credit where due but there just isn't any substance to merritt such credit.

Camp Floyd will doubtlessly try to make the negotiations for a Pacquiao fight into an ugly pre-fight war. It worked well against de La Hoya and Hatton. They hated Floyd so much, by fight time, that they fought foolish fights.

Once Floyd realizes it won't work on Pacquiao, his camp will show their ugliness.

Manny Pacquiao is a true credit to the sport and to the Philippines. Floyd Mayweather is very talented but certainly has not accomplished anything that warrents the label "Greatness". That distinction is earned by "Accomplishment" NOT Talent.

If he retires today, I don't see why Manny Pacquiao wouldn't rank alongside greats like Robinson, Armstrong, Ali, Duran, Leonard and Louis. Floyd Mayweather is a step below these immortals.

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  1. Guest6885
    Its not about needing someone. Its about the best legacy you can have. Thats what Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali did. They fought everybody in the division who claims "I'm the best."

  2. Guest2882
    Mayweather is an unbeaten CHICKEN who beats chicks, while Pacquiao is a beast who beated bigger beasts!

    Floyd is afraid he will loose his "zero" to Manny.

    Mayweather is AFRAID of Pacquiao. Period!
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