Does online dating work out in the long run

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Does online dating work out in the long run

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  1. Victor Strong

     Online dating has varying rates of success for many people. I cannot tell you that it does not work because I personally know couples that are happily married after having met online. I also know that there is a much darker side to online dating that has inspired to creation of MTV TV show 'Catfish'. This show profiles people who are in online relationships with people that they have never actually met in person. Beyond that, these people avoid meeting up, eventually creating suspicion. 

    Recently in America, a very public and high profile case occured with NCAA athlete Mati T'eo, who believed his online girlfriend died of Lukemia. Eventually news broke that it was an elaborate hoax created by a young man.

    Online dating has quickly become one of the most effective ways to meet people. It lets people get to know one another without the initial physical interaction, meaning people get to know one other based on their personalities. Exercise caution and always use reputable sites and services. 

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