Does registry cleaner remove health registry files also with registry errors?

by Guest9070  |  13 years ago

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Tell me any good quality registry cleaner program which doesn’t affect any healthy registry files.

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  1. paafamily
    the large, full of errors registry gets damaged and crashes, rendering your system unusable.

    To restore your Windows registry to a healthy working condition and improve the performance of your PC, you need to regularly scan the registry for errors and repair them. You can manually edit the registry and remove the errors using ‘regedit.exe’. However, working with the Windows registry is a tricky business. If you are not careful, you may end up with an even more damaged registry.

  2. Guest1429
    There are many free registry cleaners around the web which, but if you will choose registry easy then you will never face registry related problems because it never affects healthy registry files of windows operating system. It will help you to get rid all unnecessary system junk files from your windows registry that causes slowing down of your PC.
  3. Guest5541
    No, registry cleaner repair only that files that are damaged by add or remove programs. But registry cleaner should be download from quality web site. Use this web site for download:
  4. Guest2503
    Yeah this can happen if u use unrecognized registry cleaners. So always use the genuine products.
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