Does your shower turn cold when someone flushes the toilet, quick fix

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Does your shower turn cold when someone flushes the toilet, quick fix. You've just stepped into the shower when some family member flushes the toilet downstairs and makes you a victim of shower shock.  you are not alone and it happens everywhere. in most cases that is when you have shampoo all over your face and you can't even see; here is the quick fix.

Shower gets cold because toilet flushing draws cold water away from the shower, making for a quick and unpleasant temperature change. The soluiton is to slow the rate of the toilet flush so that the effect is minimized. Find the water valve to the toilet tank and close it until it is about a quarter to one-half turn from completely shut off. The tank will fill slower, and that will be the difference between second-degree burns and mild temperature fluctuation. Now you know what to do if you better half flushes the toilet on purpose to get you out of the shower.

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  1. amomipais82
    Suppose you had a 3/4 galvanized main trunk line. Now suppose both your toilet and your cold for your shower forked off that trunk line. Now suppose that a line from the same trunk line headed to the inlet of the water heater but that 3/4 trunk line was reduced inside the pipe by rust to where it was 1/2 inch or less in size. (Or if someone ran 1/2 pipe to the water heater.)

    When you'd run the cold shower valve and the toilet at the same time, a lot of water could come out both of these because they both came off a relatively clean- inside 3/4 pipe. But now because of the restriction going to the cold side of the water heater, that could cause the outfllow of the water heater's hot side to be similarly reduced.

    The same scenario may also happen if someone turned way down the cold water valve ontop the water heater also. I have not tested this, but in theory, it seems like what you said could happen in theory.

    If you have a basement, could you tell us what your water pipes are made of ..and start at the water meter and describe the trunk line and what all branches off of it (telling us to what fixture they go to) and the length of pipe involved and tell us where you see elbows? And is your house one floor or two?

    Have your tested to see if when you flush the toilet...if instead of the shower, say you try all the sinks in the house (one at a time) set to a shower- like temperature mix...if some of THEM do the same thing.

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