Dog mouth vs human mouth Who's has the most bacteria

by Guest9661  |  13 years ago

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I have read several conflicting answers regarding this topic.  Who's mouth is really cleaner?

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  1. Saba
    i guess dogs mouth is dirtier coz ive never heard anyone getting sick by human bite

  2. Guest2528
    your prbably right exept the human bite part
  3. Guest3581
    A humans mouth is cleaner because I did a science experiment on it in 10th grade. Try it using a petri- dish and agar nutrient. Just swab the saliva in the dish with agar, put plastic wrap over, wait a few days, & you'll see there's more bacteria on the dog dish than human saliva!
  4. Guest25

     hey hey hey! im doing that same experiment and this is SUPER HELPFUL! lol my cat bit me owwwww but seriosuly lol! thnx! ttyl maria!

  5. Guest3820

    for your experiment you have to make sure the dog and human eat the same food for at least a day... which might be hard....

  6. Guest1551

     Dog's mouth is definitely dirtier thern the human's mouth, though some people hold this claim, that dog's mouth is sterile and let their dogs to l**k their faces. "A dog's mouth contains a lot of bacteria," confirms Dr. Gary Clemons, a veterinarian in Milford, Ohio. "Remember, a dog's tongue is not only his wash cloth but also his toilet paper." So, all those who have this notion that dog's mouth is sterile, should know, that its saliva contains the deadly rabbies and tetnus virus. One should always be cautious with animals.

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