Dogs Pee and p**p inside the house

by Guest9966  |  12 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Dogs Pee and p**p inside the house

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  1. Victor Strong

     I have to agree with 4490, dogs can be trained to not pee and poo inside the house, however it may take some work. Positive and negative reinforecement work best for dogs, but make sure that you reward them or scold them within 15 seconds of them doing something good (doing their business outside) or bad (doing their business in your dining room).

    I would suggest taking the dog for walks and encouraging him tremendously when he either pees or poops outside. This will encourage that behaviour and eventually you could have a dog that rings a bell to go use the bathroom outside.

  2. Guest4490
    TRAIN YOUR DOG otherwise expect
    to find both pee & p**p.
  3. Guest9019

    yes  mine  does

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