Dollar on the raise, should I buy dollar?

by Guest1335  |  9 years ago

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After the European debt crisis US Dollar is on the raise. I am thinking of buy USD Against Euro. What would u suggest?

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  1. Guest6252

     Following the USD Index peak at 89 in early June 2010, the Dollar has been on a near relentlessly slide to the recent low of 76.90 which represents a 14% fall in just 4 months. The fall in the Dollar has again brought out the perma Dollar collapse proponents who have periodically come out to reiterate that the U.S. Dollar as measured by the USD index is destined to crash and burn which is set against the perma deflationists who continuously propose that DEFLATION will result in the Dollar rallying to new highs as a consequence of debt deleveraging, which again was most prevalent just as the U.S. Dollar peaked. Therefore this in-depth analysis will seek to conclude towards a probable trend forecast for the USD index into Mid 2011 (9 months forward).

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