Dominos Pizza Branches in Pakistan

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Want to know about the branches of Dominos Pizza in Pakistan. Someone please tell me about the branches of Dominos Pizza in Pakistan.

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    Over the years, Domino’s has carried approximately novel inventions within the pizza industry that have now become theregular worldwide. These incorporate belt driven pizza oven and the 'hot and recent Domino's Pizza delivery system' ; itself is a distinctive, patented technology which incorporates corrugated cardboard delivery boxes towards hold warmthwhilst supplying and also the ‘Heat Wave’, which is a mobile electric pack that holds the pizza hot within the Domino's world. Even the bikes possess delivery boxes that are strategically styled for none air intake and semi aerodynamic. Pakistan is within the third market global towards purchase and tool this revolutionary warming technology for ensuring pizzas towards be delivered almost oven hot.

    Domino’s have its branches in Pakistan, which are located in following areas:

    1. Karachi

    Zamzama  :  Mall Square

    Gulshan-e-Iqbal  :  Master Square, Plot # B-29, Block 13-A

    Nursery  :  Shop # 13, Shaheen Towers

    Hyderi  :  D-2, Block-D, North Nazimabad

    2. Lahore

    MM Alam Road  :  Blue Mall, Shop # 3 & 4, Block R

    DHA  :  Defence Phase 3, Plot # 91, Block Y

    Model Town  :  Link Road, Plot # 5, Sipra Mansion

    3. Islamabad

    Blue Area  :  Jinnah Avenue, G- 7, Block- I"

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