Don't let people loose hope from Pakistanis like you.

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We are sick of these corrupt politicians. Here in London people laugh at our politicians. Just see the recent programme by Kamaran shahid in Oxford uni you'll come to know the truth. I khan is the leader that can present Pakistan very well abroad and in Pakistan. Don't forget his Party is Just 15 years and all in opposition. On the other hand PML(I mean ideology of muslim league) founded in 1906 and PPP in 1967. So to me I khan is very successful just in 15 years he is a threat to mainstream parties. So think on this angle as well and please put this kind of analysis in front of nation so they can decide better.

Sorry if I said something wrong in previous question but I said what I felt. My concern was if you really wanted to help Ikhan, you could send these points with some advice to I Khan without defaming him on Media and demoralising him in front of his passionate lovers

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  1. Guest1336

     I agree with you but why is this man our national hero Imran Khan being able to gain the required fame. Why is he not being able to be at the place where he should be, Why Pakistani people are not supporting the way he deserves. 

    There are many reasons behind this the main one being this that the people living in Pakistan are those who never like to use their minds while they are going to poll their vote. They vote only to the one to whom their family is supporting. They never think about this fact that this person is not going to even listen to them after the election. 

    I can give to examples of as many people as you could ask who were living below the poverty line but now they are in politics and are among the richest persons in Pakistan. 

    The current politicians are the one who does not even care for their own family members so the commoners are way way back in the list. 

    People in Pakistan need to wake up, the wake up call is their with them in the shape of Imran Khan who really loves Pakistan. So nothing is on top of mother land. But current politicians are simply selling out Pakistan and gathering their own properties and accounts at most luxuries places of the world. They even don't have a single tear for Pakistan. Otherwise they would never had thought about doing such things which are making us Pakistanis as fun to the entire world. Even India is making fun out of us. Please my fellow Pakistanis wake up before you lose the entire country.  

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