Dos and Don’ts for Treating Bad Breath

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Have you ever been plagued with fear by simply just opening your mouth? Have you been a situation where you needed to say something BUT… You know it and they will know it… BAD BREATH! The truth is, you are not alone with the disease of bad breath… Halitosis. In fact, Halitosis or bad breath affects over 50-80 millions Americans. In other words, almost one out of every four people are embarrassed from the smell of their bad breath. And chewing one more stick of gum does not change the fact that you have experienced some or all of the following situations.

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  1. Merlyn
    The Dos and Don'ts to Destroy Bad Breath

    The Dos

    1. Visit your Doctor and Dentist for your Bad Breath. What? In very few cases, it could be diagnosed as a tissue problem. Please visit my site for questions.

    2. Have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year.

    3. Floss! Use a fluoride floss and floss daily to rid your self of halitosis causing food and bacteria between your teeth.

    4. Drink Water! A Dry Mouth is a Bad Breath Mouth! Drink 10 glasses of water a day. This has numerous benefits.

    5. Chew parsley, mint, cloves, or fennel seeds for a natural scent for bad breath.

    6. Rinse mouth with water immediately after eating foods with dairy or high in protein.

    7. An Apple a Day keeps Bad Breath Away! Eat vegetables and fruits (high in water) as much as possible!

    The Don'ts

    1. Don't ignore your bad breath. Information is the key to your success… stay informed!

    2. Don't drink too much coffee. It will make your breath worse.

    3. Don't forget to clean behind your molars in the back of each row. Bacteria and food (often the cause of bad breath) love these hiding places.

    4. Don't clean your tongue with toothpaste. Dip your toothbrush in mouthwash and softly massage back of tongue.

    5. Don't drink too much alcohol. Alcohol will cause dry mouth often causing bad breath.

    6. Cotton mouth? See if your prescription drugs cause dry mouth or cotton mouth. This will cause halitosis.

    7. Don't forget fluoride. Many toothpastes, mouthwashes, and even flosses contain 'bad breath fighting' fluoride.

  2. Guest356
    I like the post a lot. I suffered from bad breath for a while and I tried EVERYTHING you could think of. The one truth about bad breath that is truly reliable is that the causes are usually different for everyone, therefore so are the CURES! You need to LEARN about it and this post is a good start to finally getting people to think about learning it instead of just asking everyone else how they cured it. Get yourself some kind of book or something and learn about it.

    You can try this site for a good start to learning and eventually getting rid of the bad breath that plagues you.

    Good luck with whatever you chose to do though, and thank you for posting this!
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