Downgrade windows 7 premium to windows xp

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I installed windows 7 on my PC but it is very slow. I want to downgrade my windows 7 premium to windows xp. Is that possible.

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  1. Guest4153

    Yes, you can downgrade your windows 7 premium to windows xp. For that you need to follow the method given below:

    First of all Open the drive where your Windows 7 is installed (usually C drive) and make sure that you have not removed the Windows.old folder. These folders were created by Windows during installing Windows 7 on XP drive. Remember without the help of Windows.old folder you will be unable to downgrade from Windows 7.

    It is better to get the information about the size of Windows.old folder by clicking the right button of the mouse to move for selecting properties. The size of the Windows.old folder should be two times less than the amount of free space available on the drive where Windows 7 is installed(C drive). If the Windows.old folder does not have the space as required size then you should disable system restore feature and use disk cleanup feature to get free space .

    It is recommended that note down the DVD drive letter and also Windows 7 drive letter before going to the next step.

    3. Put the installation disk of your Windows 7 installation in the DVD Rom drive and reboot your personal computer. Press any key to proceed further.

    Here you will choose your language, time, keyboard type. After that press Next key to continue the process.

    Once done go to Repair your computer option to open System Recovery Options in the install Windows screen.

    Now you will choose your Windows 7 Operating System and write down your Windows 7 Drive letter before press Next button.

    In the next step you will press Command Prompt to begin downgrading process from Windows 7 to XP.


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