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Can someone tell me more details on Dr.afia Siddiqui? What exactly happened initially and where is she now?

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    A common lady Dr. Afia Siddiqui and her 3 children were arrested by a Pakistani intelligence back in 2003 and has been missing since then. American and Pakistani agencies confirmed that she had been arrested as she has a connection with Al-Qaeda. However, later both agencies completely denied that she had been arrested. Dr. Afia's whereabouts remain unknown but it is suspected that she is being held in an American detention centre.
    She was settled in US initially but later moved back to Pakistan after 9-11 due to the bad circumstances in US for Pakistani nationals.


    Dr. Afia Siddiqui left her mother's house in guleshane iqbal Karachi (Pakistan) along with her children, on March 30, 2003 to catch a flight for Rawalpindi and was nowhere to be found later. The press reports claimed that Dr. Afia had been picked-up by Pakistani intelligence agencies while on her way to the airport and initial reports suggested that she was handed over to (FBI). At the time of her arrest she was 30 years and the mother of three sons the oldest of which was four and the youngest only one month.

    A few days later an American news channel, NBC, reported that Afia had been arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of facilitating money transfers for terror networks of Osama Bin Laden. The mother of the victim, Mrs. Ismat termed the NBC report absurd. She went on to say that Dr. Afia is a neurological scientist and has been living with her husband, Amjad, in the USA for several years.

    Whilst Dr. Afia's whereabouts remain unknown, there are reports of a woman called 'Prisoner 650' is being detained in Afghanistan's Bagram prison and that she has been tortured to the point where she has lost her mind. Britain's Lord Nazeer Ahmed, (of the House of Lords), asked questions in the House about the condition of Prisoner 650 who, according to him is physically tortured and continuously raped by the officers at prison. Lord Nazeer has also submitted that Prisoner 650 has no separate toilet facilities and has to attend to her bathing and movements in full view of the other prisoners.

    I am shocked to know that Dr. Afia Siddiqui, a Pakistani citizen has been missing with her three children since April 2003, after her arrest by intelligence agencies of Pakistan which is a serious act of negligence on the part of the government with regard to its responsibility to protect the citizen of the Pakistan. Her children were have finally been released back in 2008 after hardcore protests its time that we being a nation should unite and help her.
    “Everyone is innocent untill proven guilty” and its been 5 years and still nobody could prove anything against the poor woman! Is this what should be done to even a suspect? Its high time that this issue should be sorted out

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