Early problems faced by Pakistan after independence

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I want to know about the early problems faced by Pakistan after Independence, Can anyone tell me the types of problems Pakistan faced right after its independence?

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  1. Guest8544
    The refugee problem of the people who migrates, distribution of power between the center and the provincial governments, provision of law and order are among the central problems faced after the creation of Pakistan.

  2. Guest6323

    Pakistan came into existence on 14th august 1947. Soon later its establishment Pakistan faced diagram of problems. Most of the difficulties of Pakistan were related with Pakistan contest with India, such as the accession of the princely declares, canal Water contest, refugees' difficulties and distribution of armed and military assets. Infect bulk of these difficulties were assuredly written by India itself so that Pakistan would not continue its independent relative standing and before long merged with India. (Nehru conveyed General Sir Frank Messervy in 1945, “his deliberate plan would be to sanction Jinnah to have his Pakistan, end leisurely creates item so despairing economically and otherwise for Pakistan that they have to come on their banded knees and petitioned to be sanctioned behind to India. The country of Pakistan was split into couple parts at independence, split higher by come seal 1,600 kilometers of Indian Territory. Pakistan lacked the machinery, personnel, and supplies for a novel government. Pakistan's economy seemed enviable later severing ties with India, the principle market for its commodities and much of Punjab's electricity was imported from Indian vitality stations. Above all other fears were the violence and the refugee problem: Muslims were fleeing India; Hindus and Sikhs were fleeing Pakistan. Jinnah's appeal to regard religion as a bodily material, not a declare material, was ignored. The bulk conservative approximations of the casualties were 250,000 dead and 12 million to 24 million refugees. The actual boundaries of the two new states were not even known until August 17, after they were transmitted by a commission headed by a British judge. Inspite of these problems, there were lots of other problems that the newly born Pakistan had to face.

  3. Guest4338

     Pakistan won its Independence on 14th August, 1947. It was not easy and it did not come without problems. There were a lot of hurdles for the people of Pakistan to overcome. Some of them are mentioned below:

    1. First and foremost, the violence and mass killings on both the sides of the border created a law and order situation which became very hard to control and needed a lot of resources which the new country lacked. According to estimates around 250,000 people were killed.

    2. Refugee problem, the newly born state of Pakistan faced the issue of refugees migrating from India to Pakistan, leaving everything behind. Making things even harder for the state of Pakistan to manage and organize things. 12 to 24 million people migrated to Pakistan. Muslims were migrating to Pakistan while Hindus and Sikhs were moving to India.

    3. Accessions of the Princely state also became a big problem for Pakistan after Independence. Kashmir is a live example of the princely state issue.

    4. Pakistan lacked the machinery, personnel and supplies to float its self easily. Simply put Pakistan did not get even its own share of things which added to the problem list of Pakistan.

    5. Pakistan’s economy was highly unstable and did not seem lucrative enough to invest.

    6. Distribution of military assets was another problem faced by Pakistan in its early days. Pakistan and India became born and natural enemies so Pakistan needed the assets to protect its sovereignty.

    7. Constitution and law making was to be done and it was of high importance because the laws of that time were British made which did not represent the people of Pakistan well.

    8. The two wings of Pakistan were 1,600 km away from eachother, having no common boundaries except for the enemy land in between.

    9. Most of the commodities were bought from India; Industry of Pakistan was almost nonexistent. Even Punjab’s electricity was imported from India which made them dependent on India.

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