Earn money by reading newsletter?

by Guest1840  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I am a student and I want to earn some money and since last 4 days I am visiting these sites which says sign up with them and read newsletters to earn money. Wondering if they are scums or do they really pay out.

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  1. Guest1702

     Following are the ways through which you can easily earn money through reading:

    Learn how to start an at-home reading business. Refer to the book by Bruce Fife 'Make Money Reading Books,' available through (see Resources below). It's written by an editor for an independent publisher who has worked with freelance readers throughout the country.


    Explore the freelance reading jobs in the reference book. Publishing companies hire people to read books, unpublished manuscripts and magazine articles.


    Read a book then write a review about it. Get on the mailing lists of the major publishing companies to receive advance copies of texts.


    Contact editors of newspapers, magazines and websites requesting they publish your work. Send them a letter along with a copy of your review.

    Become a script reader. Talent agencies that work with screenwriters need readers to wade through the many scripts they receive and write summaries of their plots. This type of job is usually obtained through personal connections in the entertainment industry, though it would not hurt to send out your resume. Target the literary departments of larger agencies first.


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