Easiest way to Paint a Campfire

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I am an artist, I am planning to paint a campfire. What is the easiest way to Paint a Campfire, please help.

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     Capturing the flickering blaze of a campfire in a decorating can be a tough task. Layering shades of yellow, orange and red to make an authentic looking blaze will influence associates and family. Coupling this method with a dark backdrop makes the vibrant colors stand out and is factual to the air of a nighttime campfire. You can use a campfire decorating as a partition suspending or give it to a ally as a treasured gift.

    • Prepare the exterior to be painted. Lightly sand the timber or canvas with a fine-grit sandpaper. Remove all debris with a tack cloth. Apply one outer garment of water-based varnish with a sponge brush.

    • Base outer garment the whole exterior in very dark acrylic decorate or very dark blue. Apply two outer garments of decorate and permit each to dry thoroughly.

    • Draw the campfire up on the exterior utilising white chalk before painting. Draw some logs overlapping each other in a stack in the base middle of the picture. Draw large blazes approaching from the logs. Draw the blazes broad beside the base and taper them to a issue at the top. Draw little blazes detached from the bigger blaze to conceive the illusion of sparks.

    • Paint the blaze in levels to conceive a very shrewd vivid effect. Paint all the blazes with a groundwork outer garment of white acrylic paint. This will make all the later colors stand out. Allow the white decorate to dry. Follow with a outer garment of brilliant yellow acrylic paint. When the yellow has methodically dehydrated, request one outer garment of brilliant orange acrylic paint to each flame. Apply the orange decorate interior the yellow summarize, departing a band of yellow out-of-doors the orange. While the orange decorate is still damp, request a little allowance of red acrylic decorate to the very center of each blaze, combining it into the orange to conceive a stepwise flaming look. Paint in a couple of marks of lightweight azure paint to the blazes sparingly. Allow the paint to dry.

    • Apply two outer garments of water-based varnish to the decorating with a sponge brush.

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