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I am a graduate and pursue to be a teacher in near future; I need to know what the basic tools of Educational measurement are? Please help me with complete detail.

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  1. Jennifer

     "In order to measure the curriculum's effectiveness of the students and to recognize areas for improvement, specific tools are conceived to have certain data that desires to be assessed for quality, advancement or to standard against national standards.

    Standardized Tests

    All states apply certain checks to assess students' academic standing. Standardized checks assist as tools to assemble data about how productive certain curricula are and if there is consistency over the board with specific age groups or grade levels.

    Live Observations

    Another way to measure particular aspects of education is through live observations. An academic administrator develops and completes a checklist to ensure that a teacher is providing a quality educational experience to students.

    Parental Surveys

    Schools can administer surveys to solicit feedback and opinions from parents regarding their children's educational experience. Surveys contain questions that the participant answers through a measurable scoring system, such as a 1 through 10 number scale.

    Student Surveys

    Students also can be surveyed as an educational measurement protocol. Survey questions designed for students shall be relative to the student's learning experience and based on a number scoring system. "

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