Electronic stability control of Honda Jazz GLi 2011

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My younger brother wants to know about the electronic stability control of Honda Jazz GLi 2011. Please someone help me about it. I hope you can help me. Thanks

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    Honda has just issued the new 2011 Honda Jazz GLi in market. It’s now arrives benchmark with electronic stability control, while edge and backdrop airbags are optional. ANCAP has checked the new vehicle and has granted it a five celebrity safety ranking, but only when optioned with six airbags.

    It is about time Honda suggested steadiness command with the Honda Jazz, as it is now well and really a comparable bundle in the little vehicle market. Unfortunately, like numerous other vehicles in this segment for example the Hyundai i20 the new Jazz only becomes five celebrities protected one time it is optioned with edge and backdrop airbags.

    Honda does offer a Safety Pack choice with the new 2011 GLi model. This encompasses the six airbags and seatbelt reminders for the front travelers and profits from the five-star ANCAP safety rating. ANCAP told about this car that, the vehicle managed well in the counteract frontal influence check, retaining its form to profit from 14.42 out of 16 points. The ANCAP report shows that there was a minor risk of grave barrel and leg wound for the driver.

    The vehicle achieve an very good 15.68 out of 16 in the Euro NCAP edge influence check, with ANCAP saying, one time afresh, that there was a minor risk of grave barrel and leg injuries. The vehicle then went on to profit from a farther two points in the optional beam check which conveyed the vehicle to a five star safety rating.


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