Eligibility criteria for admission at HITEC Taxila.

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Is there anyone who knows about the eligibility criteria for admission at Heavy Industry Taxila Education City. If someone have any information about this please share it.

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  1. Guest6404
    Eligibility criteria for admission in HITEC, a candidate must be of following age at the time of admission:
    Class I                                                        06 to 7 years
    Class II                                                       07 to 8 years
    Class III                                                      08 to 9 years
    Class IV                                                      09 to 10 years
    Class V                                                       10 to 11 years
    Class VI / O Level Foundation          11 to 12 years
    Class VII / Pre O Level - I                    12 to 13 years
    Class VIII / Pre O Level - II                 13 to 14 years
    Class IX / O Level - I                             14 to 15 years
    Class X / O Level – II                            15 to 16 years

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