Eligibility criteria for jobs in advertising agencies of India

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I want to apply for job in advertising agencies of India, could you tell me some information about the eligibility criteria for jobs in advertising agencies of India, thanks.

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     Advertising is one of the best modes of informing as well as influencing the common public to buy products or services through visual or oral reinforcement. A product or service is advertised to build awareness in the minds of potential customers. Few of the commonly used media for advertising are T.V., radio, websites, newspapers, magazines, bill-boards, hoardings etc. As a result of technological boost and the changing social trends advertising industry has shown tremendous growth in the last few decade.  Advertising is one of the best parts of mass communication. Actually advertising is a mean to create a brand through effective communication and is essentially a service industry. It support to create demand, promote marketing system and enhanced economic growth. It is considered as the basis of marketing.

    If you want to find management positions in advertising agencies of India then in most of the cases recruiters also select those candidates who have Post Graduate Degree in advertising or journalism. The course of study should include marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication methods, technology, and visual tactics.  If you want to find a job in the advertising agencies of India, then you must have the fallowing eligibility criteria as recruiters search for the following attributes:

    • Creativity, high motivation, able to manage stress, flexibility in attitude, and decisiveness.

    • Skill to communicate persuasively, in both forms oral and in written.

    • (with other managers, employee, and the public)

    • Tact and good analysis.

    • Exceptional ability to build and maintain effective personal relationships.

    • (with supervisory and professional staff members and customers of the firms)

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