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Booking reference FXYY8W - paid for this at Bank of Montreal on June 7, 2010 but Emirates online said payment not received and booking cancelled.  Cannot get through to Toronto office, always get transferred to India.  Is there a direct number to the Toronto office?

desperate for ticket, Sandra

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  1. Guest8648
    I had this problem before and it was because I couldn't quote their reference when i did the wire transfer. I got through to the US office and they told me that the account is managed in Dubai. I emailed the payment receipt to their Dubai office at and they sorted it out for me and I got the ticket a few days later

  2. Guest3533

    Address 90 Sheppard Avenue E.

    Suite 100 Toronto,

    Ontario, M2N 3A1


    Telephone +1 800 777 3999


    TTY +1 888 320 1576


    Fax +1 416 221 8891


    Working hours Mon to Fri, 09:00 to 17:00

    Sat, Sun & state holidays in Canada, Closed


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