Emperor Clock 100M Movement. what kind of lubercant should be used?

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what kind of lubercant should be used?

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  1. Guest5425
    I would imagine that lead is easier to cast and cut.  Unfortunately the prices for lead and shipping has escalated.  The Emperor 100M movement is a Jauch 77.  The weight requirements for that model are all three at 4.4# or 4.7#.  I have seen originals of both values.  When the Jauce 77 movements are excessively worn, we convert to a Hermle 451 movement and a 7.7# lead filler is used for the chime (right side) weight as required to power it.  I'm always glad to see a Jauch movement that has very little wear.

    The diameter of the shells is at 45mm or 1-3/4".  There are 1# and 1/2# fillers that you can purchase to make up the required weight.  I do have some original iron fillers in stock, as I buy a lot of Emperor used and new old stock to help customers obtain hard-to-find-parts.  If you will email me at the address below, I can give you some suppliers for the lead fillers and some details on the iron fillers.  If you will, include the inside diameter and length of the shells for verification.  

  2. Guest8464
    I would like to purchase the movement for my Emperor floor clock model 100 M
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