Employee Rights if company sacks without notice. Hi, I was recruited by a company in April

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I was recruited by a company in April month this year. I joined that company in the first week of may. I was working fine and my work was being appreciated by my boss and others persons involved. Then later the same month (after 28 working days), I was given the termination letter and was shown the door of the company within 15 minutes. No notice was given to me.

Brief on this issue:
I only have the offer letter  and the termination letter given by the company. I was expected to get the detailed appointment letter mentioning the details regarding HR policies,  breakup of salary etc...Also, I asked for ID Card, Visting Card etc... but they told me that they are under processing. I got at the beginning a Laptop, a Data Card but all that was taken back at the day of termination.

I contacted the management, but three different people gave me three different answers.
I was told that my educational profile doesn't fit the required role(it's a kind of joke......... they have realized this after i had worked for 28 days). Also, another person told me that there has been structural change within the company, so company doesn't see a long term career with me. Moreover, my termination letter says that my performance was not satisfactory. First of all my boss is the right person to judge my performance and he has no issues. Also how can a person be judged in just 28 days. When I asked about this performance issue to the management, they said just ignore it. We didn't mean it.

So basically they have no reason to defend this termination. Just because they were careless when I was recruited, so they are giving vague reasons to defend this.

I have been left jobless in this crisis affected job scenario. I m very disturbed. Please help me to fight this issue. Guide me how should I carry forward this issue.

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  1. salim
    Sorry to hear this Ankit.......I totally understand where ur coming from and totally agree with you that you are experiencing bad time right now but as a HR Manager i can clear some few things for you. Basically what happens is that When an employee is on probation the employer has full right to terminate him any time he wants......the other thing is that no employer gives you the reason for termination.......that is  for sure......In your case you were not a confirmed employee if they have terminated you on any basis they had the right to do it..........You can only fight for one reason and that is if they have'nt paid you for the time you have worked for them......

    Just relax and hopefully you will find better have to be strong to face these difficult times in your life.

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