Erasmus Mundus - IMEC Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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I want to know that if Erasmus Mundus-IMEC offers Scholarship for Pakistani Students. Can you please tell me about this.

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  1. Guest2127
    International Master in Early Childhood Education and Care (IMEC) is a two-year international Master Programme (120 ECTS) in Early Childhood Education and Care. All students will follow a given structure, spending at least one semester at all three partner institutions.
    IMEC is offered in cooperation between Oslo University College (Norway), University of Malta (Malta), and Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland).
    The target groups are teachers, educators, counselors, leaders or other groups who work with education and development issues in preschool and primary school, within central or local government or in private enterprises.
    A maximum of 20 students are admitted to IMEC each year, 10 from so-called third countries, 8 from EU/EEA-EFTA countries and 2 from the area of Western Balkans and Turkey.

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