Experiencing the best food and wine in Australia

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Please provide me with some details about the Australian food and wine industry and cuisines.

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    Australia is one of the most exciting destinations for ‘foodies’ in the world because of its culinary innovation and novel, healthy and fresh approach to food preparation. Australian cuisine owes its reputation to access to fresh and high-quality produce; rigorous training and pride in the service and hospitality industry; the influence of Asia’s diverse cuisines; and the multitude of ethnic groups represented in Australian foods.
    One of the many benefits of Australia’s multicultural society is the truly diverse food and wine enjoyed in restaurants and homes in every state and territory in the country. The Australian wine sector is recognized internationally as producing a full range of wine styles and varietals. Historically, there has never been a cuisine typically regarded as Australian. Instead, Australia’s cuisine has evolved with the distinct layers of flavor that each new culture has added in its food and wine industry.

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