External features of Jaguar XK

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I am planning to buy Jaguar XK; I am looking for the detailed information about the external features of Jaguar XK. Is there anyone who can help me please?

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    The XK had variety of external features like classic, ground-hugging proportions, with a long hood, mighty contours and negligible overhangs. Its clearing, athletic lines exude immense visual energy.

    The advantages of aluminum manufacturing are especially pronounced in the convertible models. Class-leading rigidity, torsional stiffness and very good power-to-weight ratios consign uncompromised management and breathtaking acceleration.

    •         CONVERTIBLE ROOF

    XK Convertible models have a triple-lined fabric top covering that can be mechanically increased or let down in less than 18 seconds. When let down the top covering is absolutely concealed inside the bodywork.


    New slim line Bi-function HID Xenon headlamps with integral LED daytime running lights give the XK a characteristic visual signature.

    Feature automatic leveling and washers, which function with the ‘screen wash-wipe’ function. Cornering lights illuminate the localities to the edge of the vehicle at low speed when the signs are being utilized, or at large guiding twists, for demonstration, when parking.

    The optional Adaptive Front Lighting scheme characteristics dynamic pivoting headlights that answer to the car’s pace and the driver’s steering. It can deflect the headlight beams by up to 15 qualifications, to cast lightweight deeper into corners.


    Heated power fold doorway reflectors bend back to assist with parking or going by car through slender spaces. They also feature auto-dimming to lessen glare at night.


    Front and back parking aids supply an audible alert that alerts the person going by car to the proximity of objects. Arrows on the centre console Touch-screen supply farther data on their position in relative to the vehicle.


    The optional Reverse Park Camera boasts additional security and convenience and can be especially helpful when parking. Discreetly established in the boot top finisher, the camera is connected to the front and back parking aids, and conveys images to the 7 inch Touch-screen.


    Sensors mechanically notice rainfall on the windscreen and swap the wipers on at the befitting speed.

    •         WHEEL CHOICES

    A variety of 14 distinct alloy wheel designs are accessible (depending on the models and option packs chosen).

    From October 2011 two farther choices will be available:

    - 20" Venom alloy wheels for the XK Portfolio and XKR

    - 20" Orona alloy wheels for the XK, XK Portfolio and XKR

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