F3 Race Car made out of Vegetables Runs on Chocolate

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F3 Race Car made out of Vegetables Runs on Chocolate

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  1. Brett
    The WorldFirst F3 race car is made out of vegetables and runs on chocolate and vegetable oils. Yes, that’s right; Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre has pulled this ambitious project off quite successfully.

    The research center is a part of the University of Warwick and the project was led by James Meredith. The idea was to create a racing car out of eco friendly and renewable materials.  It indeed sounds like a fairy tale. Not anymore though. The team has managed to develop the steering wheel of the car made of carrot; the seat is made out of soybean and has put up a biodiesel engine that runs of chocolate and vegetable oil. The racing car can even take sharp turns at 125 mph! A detailed analysis of each component in the F3 racing car was done, before they came up with the decision of using these items.
    You not only race in a completely eco-friendly car, you make a significant contribution every time you start that ignition as well. It has an emission destroying catalyst that purifies the air as you drive on. We hope to see more of these in the future!

  2. Guest1882
    The only eco-friendly car is the one that has never been built. Ask a Mexican or a starving child about the idea of using food to build a race car. Racing is pure luxury.
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