Facebook VS Orkut

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Online Networking sites - Which one of them do you think provides better platform for social networking?

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  1. Guest9529
    please check this post having similar discussion:

  2. Guest6059
    i think orkut is better than face book.. coz it has easy navigation and simplifies the process of social networking
  3. Jessica_Nancy
    Facebook is lot better than orkut.
  4. Guest3413
    FACEBOOK any day! .. cuz of its privacy and applications !! now that orkuts tryin to change thier style and converting themselves into facebook... they are actually loosing the charm!! YAYY FACEBOOK! HIP HIP HURRAY!
  5. Brett
    i think both of them have some issues or the other when it comes to networking. like face book allows you a lot of other activities while your online cathcing up with your friends where as orkut  provides limited entertainment but that also makes facebook the biggest time waster ever. i particularly didnt like the way face book has supposedly tried to organize it self by changing the layout and leaving us to find our own profile in our accounts.Orkut has offered the most bizarre backgrounds for our profile, i hardly believe anyone would ever use them incase they are new to computers.
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