Facebook changes face

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Facebook changes face

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  1. Guest102221
    We know that all changes are difficult, and Facebook has the peculiarity to change their design frequently. The creators, programmers and designers of cyber emporium, seeking to discard features that are not functional and make the site easier to navigate.

    This is what they did now, change the home page to provide information. Previously Newsfeed showed us the most important activities of our contacts indiscriminately and in chronological order. Today it does not.

    The stories on the homepage have a blue triangle in the upper left corner. This means that the story is new and important (which is defined by your relationship with the person who said or the number of likes). This is fully customizable, as you can click on the flag to mark important stories (which will make Facebook show you more similar stories as " Top Stories").

    You can also click a button to find hidden placing your mouse over the right corner of the post. This will allow you to choose how much information you wish to receive for each contact.

    Also, if you want to find out every move of your friends, to the right of the page you have a small box appears where you do everything in chronological order.

    Sodo not despair with the changes ! Browse the site to become familiar and you will notice that they are very positive.

    What do you think of the news?

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