Facial Surgery?? Habits to avoid

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Facial Surgery??  Habits to avoid

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    Staying fit is not easy and requires habits created much dedication and perseverance. Unlike the body, when the aging face mask the signs is much more complicated.

    Then habits that you should follow, and the best products to prevent wrinkles lines expresiÃ_ny arrive early.


    1 -. Exercising daily to moisturize the skin, activating the metabolism and feel better.. 2 - Drinking water constantly and at least two liters per day.

    3 -. Desmaquillarse daily and wash your face before bed (to use moisturizers and regenerating night quite helpful).. 4 - Smoke less and laugh more.. 5 - Perform exercises that exercise the facial muscles as the chin, jaw, one of which is achieved by chewing carrot, apple, celery.. 6 - Avoid watching TV lying down. Lie down in a comfortable position where your neck is stretched.

    7 -. Gravity is inevitable. Applying face creams going against it.

    8 -. Performs occasional facial without abusing them.


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