Facilities available at Heavy Industries Taxila

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Which facilities are available at Heavy Industries Taxila. Is there anyone who knows about this I have searched a lot but cannot find it on internet?

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    Heavy Industries Taxila comprises diverse protection manufacturers and facilities:
    • Heavy Rebuild Factory T-Series
    To rebuild and modernize tanks/armored recovery vehicles of Chinese and Eastern European origin.
    • Heavy Rebuild Factory M-Series
    Heavy Rebuild Factory (M-Series) carryies out rebuild of followed vehicles of US origin. The manufacturer focuses in M113 Series vehicles.
    • APC Factory
    The M113 Family of vehicles are constructed in this manufacturer utilizing CNC appliances CAD/CAM scheme and constructing expertise on MIG and TIG aluminum welding, radiographic examination, chemical cleansing, outer level and decorating as asserted by infantry specifications.
    • Gun Factory
    The Gun manufacturer has the capability of milling barrels extending from 105 mm to 203 mm caliber. It manufactures 105mm cannon barrels for upgraded T-59 & T-69 tanks. Each barrel is auto-frettaged and exposed to high precision work on state of the art machines.
    • Tank Factory
    Tank Factory is equipped with up to date constructing amenities, encompassing 7-axis CNC appliances, for flexible heavy-duty milling procedures and a entire infrastructure for hull and turret manufacture.
    • Development, Engineering Support And Components Manufacture (DESCOM)
    This output facility has been established to supply technology support to all the manufacturers of HIT. Equipped with CNC appliances, it attempts construct of constituents, assemblies, devices, passes away, measures and plans development of replacement components through the vendor industry. It furthermore presents fix and upkeep support to mechanism and gear established in HIT.
    • Evaluation, Training And Research Organization (ETRO)
    This is a carrying association which attempts Quality Assurance of completed goods with value promise laboratories which check personal and chemical properties of output components, calibration amenities are accessible to double-check correctness of devices and measures utilized in rebuild and constructing processes.
    • Mechanical Complex
    This convoluted manufactures sugar plants, cement plants, boilers, cranes, street building mechanism, brick-making mechanism and other gear to cater for the desires of Pakistan Railways and other citizen organizations.
    • Research And Development (R&D)
    HIT has attempted R&D tasks on needed cornerstone wherein it has conveyed out thriving R&D in the next areas:
    o Tank design
    o Tank modernization
    o Infantry battling vehicles
    o Tank fire-control systems

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