Fact number EIGHT behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the EIGHTH fact behind India victory in World Cup 2011?

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  1. Guest1851
    A lobby comprised of some ICC and BCCI officials with some help for the Indian intelligence started working on how to make India the champions in year 2011. Despite being able to beat Pakistan on all important occasions, the Pakistani Cricketers were still the biggest threats for India. After some of the Pakistani players putting up good performances in the IPL show, there was a big chance that they will be very successful and worth notable in other IPLs as well. Besides, the Pakistani players will get attuned to the Indian conditions better than players of any other team as they were South Asians. Now there was a lame excuse needed so as to excavate the Pakistani players out of IPL. At the end of year 2008, there were some attacks at one of the leading hotels in the Indian city of Mumbai, The Taj Hotel. Considering that the FINAL of the World Cup 2011 was to be played in Mumbai, so the Indians accused Pakistan to have involvement in those attacks and started a cold war against Pakistan, breaking all the ties and also the cricketing relations. The Indian team which was about to tour Pakistan also cancelled their plan and the Pakistani players were disallowed to play IPL. This was the first show of Indian intentions making Pakistan Cricket suffer, thus giving message to other teams who intended to tour Pakistan in future.

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