Fact number FIVE behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the FIFTH fact proving India as pre-planned World Cup 2011 champions?

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    After the World Cup of 2007, which Australia won rather matchlessly, the ICC had some very big concerns about the future of cricket. The big cricket fans being the Pakistanis and Indians seem to be losing interest in Cricket which was a very worrying sign for the future of cricket and ofcourse the ICC. After Pakistan and India lost to weaker sides and moved out of the world cup 2007, many cricket fans termed this as Death Of Cricket in Sub-continent. Now, ICC had to do something rather remarkable, just to make sure the revival of Cricket in the two very important cricket playing nations. Consequently, ICC went on to organize something special for the first time in the history of Cricket, there was a T20 Cricket World Cup to take place in September 2007 in South Africa. Considering this was inauguration of the world cup of the shortest form of Cricket, the ICC expected a very good response from the viewers all around the world. The first match, which South Africa went on to win chasing a target of 206 runs in 20 overs, grabbed the attention of the Cricket lovers around the world who were looking for something different after Australian dominance in 50 over format. When Australia lost to Zimbabwe in the group stage, which was the first upset in the history of T20 cricket world cup. This made the competition more interesting and exciting engaging more and more cricket viewers.

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