Fact number FOURTEEN behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the FOURTEETH episode of fact behind India winning World Cup 2011?

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    With Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif bowling proving to be a deadly combination for Pakistan against the other teams, they were expected to continue the same attitude in many more matches to come in future. The addition of Wahab Riaz also proved to be a good sign for Pakistan who went on to surprise many English batsmen during the Pakistan team tour to England in June-July 2010. Besides, in the batting department, Kamran Akmal and Salman Butt also proving to be a solid opening combinations and playing quite well in almost all the three formats of Cricket. Where these players were good prospects for Pakistan, they were proving to be very dangerous for the other teams who were chancing themselves to win the world cup 2011, being India at the top. Something was to be done about these players so as to create some disturbance within the Pakistani camp. This was done by introducing a so called Agents, Mazhar Majeed and Azhar Majeed , who were thought to be working for Pakistani cricketers. The Majeed brothers got some of the key Pakistani players in Spot-fixing scandal. The players were suspended from international cricket and had to wait for the ICC decision for their future in Cricket. The players included Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif, the two fast bowlers with their Captain Salman Butt. At that time they were key Pakistani cricketers and it was another big setback for Pakistan losing them just when there were few months to go for the world cup.

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