Fact number NINE behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the NINTH fact supporting India's deliberate win in World Cup 2011.

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  1. Guest3488
    After India called off their tour to Pakistan, there was a fear of some heavy loss in terms of money to the Pakistan Cricket Board. In this miserable situation, the Sri Lankan Cricket board extended their cooperation to the Pakistan Cricket Board and agreed to send the Sri Lankan team to Pakistan in the days when it was India supposed to tour. This was not liked by the Indians as they wanted all the teams in World Cricket to quit playing with Pakistan and in Pakistan. The Pakistan and Sri Lanka Test Series was going successfully and almost coming to an end when a horrible incident took place. The bus carrying Sri Lankan team was attacked by some so called militants, causing some injuries to Sri Lankan cricketers and resulting in death of some civilians and policemen. This was perhaps the last time international cricket was seen in Pakistan. Right after this incident, the ICC announced snatching the hosting rights of world cup 2011 from Pakistan. This made the Pakistani fans, cricketers and the nation extremely sad who had lot of plans for the world cup 2011. Infact this was an attempt to push the Pakistan Cricket on the back foot by ending International Cricket in the Pakistani Cricket grounds.

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