Fact number SEVEN behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the SEVENTH fact behind India's triumph in World Cup 2011?

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    After India won the inaugural T20 World Cup held in South Africa in year 2007, there was a big boost in Indian Cricket which seemed to be working a long way for Indian cricket. As a result of this victory, there were two Cricket League formed in India which were financed and taken care by some big Indian celebrities as well as opulent business personalities. The two leagues were ICL that abbreviated for Indian Cricket League and IPL which was Indian Premier League. The ICL was opposed by the ICC so it was quickly replaced by IPL that featured almost all of the big names from the cricket world including some Pakistani players as well. The IPL also gained popularity in India at a great deal, thus making the financers and big fish of IPL to look for maximizing the revenue. Some of the officials of BCCI, IPL and ICC together went on to think that after India won T20 World Cup 2007, it did a lot of good just not to the Indian Cricket but to ICC as well, both in terms of popularity and revenue generation. A thought prevailed amongst the money makers that how much revenue could possibly be generated if India wins a few more big titles like the T20 world cup. Having this in mind, they started working on HOW TO MAKE INDIA CHAMPIONS IN WORLD CUP 2011, which was to be played in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

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