Fact number TEN behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What the the TENTH fact proving India World Cup 2011 victory a deliberate one.

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    The attack on the Sri Lankan team happened in March 2009, when there were almost two years to go for the World Cup 2011. The ICC wasted no time in taking the rights to host world cup 2011 from Pakistan. It seemed perhaps they already had this decision noted in their files and were just waiting for this incident to take place before announcing their decision officially. This well and truly was an insult and by all means a big setback for the Pakistan Cricket. With two years to go for the world cup 2011, lot of steps could have been taken so as to maximize the security in Pakistan. Being a Cricket loving nation, every possible measure would have been taken by the government to provide good security to the teams touring Pakistan during the world cup. However, the Indian lobby working against Pakistan Cricket had plans not only to stop world cup matches in Pakistan but to spoil the future of Pakistan Cricket. This step could have gone on promoting extremism in Pakistan a long way. The Cricket Grounds in Pakistan seem to be waiting for Cricket to start and the Cricket fans dying to see their heroes in action irrespective of the fact whether they are Pakistani or not. The people of Pakistan love cricket like anything and the matches played in Pakistan are often exciting. Pakistan have hosted the Cricket World Cup twice before. Once in the year 1987and the second time in year 1996.

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